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San Diego Sunrise Vista Garden Paradise Casita Vacation Rental




Are you in need of some warm tropical paradise? You’ve come to the right place. Our Sunrise Vista North County San Diego Casita Vacation Rental is just what the doctor ordered.  


Quick Stats:

Square Feet:  1200
Bedrooms:  2
Bathrooms:  2
6 comfortably, 4 more on

            pullouts and couches
Laundry Facilities:  yes

Off Street Parking:  8 vehicle max
Private Patio with Hot Shower:  yes
Epic Pool:  absolutely!
Insane Gardens:  duh!

Noise:  just birds
Great Weather:  almost assured
Amenities:  Full Kitchen, Living Room,
Big Screen, High Ceilings, Private Patio, Private Entry, Total Privacy in and around unit (if you are into walking around in the garden naked, we do not encourage nor condone it, but you could probably get away with it)

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Our Casita is situated 9 miles as the crow flies, and 20 minutes as the human drives from some of California’s most beautiful beaches. The 2.5 acre property lies within the ideal Goldilocks climate zone, comfortably away from the cold fog and harsh ocean breezes, but well out of reach of the extreme desert heat. The ideal climate for both plants and poolside lounging.  The original and historic Spanish style adobe structures were built in 1946 by World War II combat veteran fighter pilot William Barret after coming home from the war. When Mr. Barret built his home the region was dominated by commercial avocado ranches and the area still retains much of its original agricultural charm with picturesque vineyards, orchards, cut flower farms, plant nurseries as well as numerous horse ranches, including rodeo legend Buck’s place right next-door.


Legendary San Diego horticulturalist Mary Mcbride built the majority of the gardens that embellish the property today during her tenure from 1999-2016. Yours truly Gary Gragg picked up the torch then and added his signature to the property with a vast array of rare and exotic subtropical plantings. 

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Endless garden pathways lead to a myriad of enchanting garden destinations amongst the floriferous vegetation, the most notable being the Moroccan style swimming pool and courtyard shared by the full-time home tenants who are both courteous, and most often, invisible. They are also available to help during your stay for whatever you may need. Don’t be shy. 


And if you are planning on building a subtropical garden yourself, there is no better place than this to gain both inspiration and ideas. Of course, the San Diego Botanical Garden is only 25 minutes away for even more inspiration.  Epic beaches are even a bit closer.  And yes, we have a pair of Wave Storm foam surfboards for you to live your California Dreamin’ fantasy. And if the waves are SO BIG that you happen to lose your shorts in the impact zone, have no fear as the Carlsbad Factory Outlets are near- just a stones throw from the beach.  While mom is shopping, dad and the kids can entertain themselves at Legoland California Waterpark just five minutes from the outlets.  And if you’re willing to hop in the car from the Casita for 35 minutes, you could be bar hopping through Temecula’s western themed Old Town or sipping wine while floating high above its source over the Temecula Valley Vineyards in a hot air balloon.  

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Heading south from the Casita, besides all the cute little beach towns and endless yummy taquerias, 30 minutes on the road will get you to the Del Mar Horse Racing Track to wage the kid’s college funds.  And five minutes further gets you to the gorgeous and botanically significant Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, the less significant yet equally beautiful world-class Torrey Pines Golf Course as well as the Glider Port.  Here you can test fate by jumping off the cliff and hoping to fly, or just walking down the trail to the world renown Black’s Beach where the waves are HUGE and clothing purely optional.

From there, you can either elect to take the two hour ocean swim or 10 minute land drive to San Diego’s aptly named “Jewel by the Sea”, La Jolla. Here you can brave swimming the sea lion caves and afterward, strolling the village and eating at the region’s finest restaurants right on the water such as the Marine Room

If you’d rather not swim with the the admittedly (from experience) terretorial and mildly aggressive sea lions but instead experience them from the relative safety of the bleachers, SeaWorld is just 45 minutes from the pad. If their "Emperor" tallest dive roller coaster in California didn’t make you quite sick enough, just five minutes away is Mission Beach's Giant Dipper Roller Coaster at Belmont Amusement Park.  Have no fear, this 100-year-old wooden roller coaster perched right on the beach has never ever collapsed.  Not even once. 

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Assuming you survive this, and possibly because you may indeed by now lost all or part of your lunch, you will want to go refuel at the lively, authentic, and ridiculously fun Old Town restaurants, such as Casa de Reyes.  And don’t confuse this with Temecula’s western theme as this is purely Mexican. As Old Town is very near the San Diego Airport, it may be a fun first activity right off the plane.  Who can argue with some strong margaritas and spicy enchiladas to get your San Diego mojo pumping the very moment you step foot into what used to be the heart of northern coastal Mexico?  I can’t.

Since the San Diego airport, Old Town, Balboa Park, and the San Diego Zoo are all in the same vicinity just 45 minutes from the Casita, you may want to couple activities within these jurisdictions. And if you didn’t lose all of the kid’s college money at the Del Mar Racetrack, and they are getting to that costly age, go check out my alma mater San Diego State, or if they are less social but really smart or like to surf REALLY BIG WAVES, UCSD, or if you doubled THEIR money at the race track, the opulent palace high atop the hill and fit for a king but disguised as a college, USD

If your wild animal curiosity, urges were not fulfilled at the San Diego Zoo, you may consider heading a half an hour east from the Casita to the much larger San Diego Zoo Safari Park. But if you would rather see native San Diego flora and fauna in its pure and highly varied state, I would recommend getting up early and staying out late and doing the 4 hour round trip San Diego interior region driving tour loop. At sun up you will hit the fruit stands of the avocado and citrus orchard dominated Pauma Valley, tube ride down the San Luis Rey River at the La Jolla Indian Reservation, take in the beautiful site of sprawling Lake Henshaw, catch some amazing views and breathe in fresh mountain air in the Tahoe like setting of 6200 foot tall Mount Palomar, hike the 1 mile cactus and boulder strewn trail 6000 feet lower in elevation into the tropical and completely native palm canyons of Borrego Springs, pass high over the Pacific Rim Trail and at least pull over and check out the view.  Then go see the sights and sounds of the 4200 foot high mountain town of Julian and feast on their world famous apple pie if it’s not you pick apple season running from August through October. 

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Although the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is right on the way back as the last stop, you might have to reserve this for another day unless you want to break in during nighttime when the nocturnal carnivorous animals are most hungry. But remember, you are nearly entirely made of fresh meat.  

The loop takes 4-5 hours of drive time if you are abiding by most traffic laws, so this leaves you about 10 more hours for frolicking about if you attempt this on summer solstice. Correspondingly less time if you don’t. Godspeed!

There are many activities and destinations I have left out, butthere is this thing called the Internet that will do a far more thorough job than I ever could.  

This property is a very special place made with much love by many souls over many years and is not available on the general market with the intent of limiting traffic flow to those who really appreciate it- our good friends, friends of friends, customers, relatives, Youtube fans, or just freaky fun people. Please make sure you fall into at least one of those categories to qualify for a potential stay. Lastly, did I mention we have a disco ball?


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