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Gary Gragg standing under a 18 foot tall canary palm

18' tall Field Grown Canary Island Date Palms

$5000 from our Dixon, CA Growing Ranch


Yes, that is not a typo, you could have the most magnificent tree that can be grown in Northern California in a large walk under size for a cool $5000.  We have lots of trees to choose from and even larger ones than this.  Yours truly just trimmed up this tree in the image for a recent job.  I am 6' tall and the tree is triple overhead- about the size of the biggest waves I have ever surfed. That's about 18' tall.

-Flower shorts, delivery and install is extra, 3 tree minimum unless

we will be at the ranch harvesting trees for others.

18' Tall Walk Under Canary Island Date Palm-  $5000

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