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This is the story of saving the life of a century-old Chilean Wine Palm. This endangered tree, Jubaea chilensis, as the name implies, is native to the South American country of Chile. We found this tree in Hayward, California. "Juby" as we affectionately came to call her, was about to be executed by her owners. Fortunately, the demo guys recognized her allure and gave us a call. Golden Gate Palms transplanted her to our demonstration garden in Point Richmond. But this gal wasn't easy; her weight made her nearly impossible to move.


A vestige of an early California homestead, Juby towered over the rooftops of a circa 1950's Hayward subdivision.


How to make a 50' tall, 50,000 lb. plant fly 80' over a house is not an easy task, but we did it. Rare in it's native habitat near Santiago, Chile (because it's trunks are prized for wine making), it is nearly unheard of in the Bay Area. How a California farmer came across a seed from such far away lands remains a mystery. But the tree had to be saved, at all costs.  WATCH THE 2 PART VIDEO BELOW TO SEE THIS RESCUE IN ACTION!



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