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You spent all day picking out the perfect plants for your backyard tropical oasis, and now you're rushing towards the door, eager to put your new purchases into place. But are you sure your'e not forgetting something? A plant is only as good as the dirt it's growing in, which is why we at Golden Gate Palms stock the finest organic planting mixes, fertilizers, and mulches for you to ensure your garden stays healthy and beautiful. For over 100 years the E.B. Stone brand has stood for unparalleled quality, and we are proud to carry the following selection of their products:

Also be sure to check out our brand new 100-gallon Grow Bags! Our fabric grow bags are great for all kinds of plants, including palms, fruit trees, vegetables, ornamental flowers, and much more; they are a must-have for any home garden! The BPA-free fabric is tough and durable, but still allows roots to breathe and grow easily. Comes with two handles to help with moving. Come check them out!

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