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Historic rendering of downtown Winters, Founded 1875
Water tank labeled Winters with an adjacent palm tree

Tired of the cold SF fog day after day after day?  Or do you need a mid winter break from the frigid climes of the far north or east?  


We've got just what the doctor ordered.  A vacation at our sun drenched 23 acre citrus ranch complete with Spanish rancho home, extensive exotic plant botanical garden, and full size baseball field of dreams set in the gorgeous Lake Berryessa Foothills just outside the charming town of Winters and only 20 miles east of the world famous Napa Valley Viticultural Region.  This is our nursery's inland hot growing ground located just 55 miles north east of Downtown San Francisco, and just a little over an hour away by car.  


We grow many of our nursery palms here as well as operate our Alta Crest Fruit Company commercial Citrus Ranch with 110 Navel orange trees, 30 Tangelo Honey Bell trees, 40 Valencia orange trees, various grapefruit, lemon and lime and a young crop of various type avocado trees. Because of its unique and blessed magical microclimate set on the backside rainshadow of the Napa Mountains, the climate is warm and dry Spring through Fall when SF is packed with refrigerator fog while winter, in Winters, is milder than most all climates anywhere near the bay. 

Downtown Winters Main Street
Historic Train Trestle Bridge over Putah Creek

The cutest downtown anywhere- Winters, CA                            The historic Train Trestle Bridge over Putah Creek


Winters Attractions


The Winters area is blessed with countless attractions.  The challenge is not what to do, bat rather what not to do. There is so much fun to be had within this magical corner of the planet that you'll likely want to return several times over just to sample all that the area has to offer.  Below are just some of the very cool happenings around The Gragg Citrus Ranch.

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