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Have you decided that your palm is too big and want it removed?  Well, sorry to say you probably planted (or inherited) the wrong kind.  Slower growing palms cost more at the outset but save you big time over the lifetime of the project in lower trimming costs and the fact that they remain in the intended design size window for a very, very, and often, A VERY LONG TIME.  But if, for whatever reason, your palm must vanish from your life, you will find that trunk, and especially stump removal, are especially costly.  However, a firmly rooted palm trunk can become a very beautiful asset in the form of a palm trunk carving, or even a pedestal for a large potted plant like a big yucca, flowering bougainvillea, draping senecio succulant, etc.  So open your eyes to the possibilities.  And if you want to turn your palm trunk into a gorgeous carved sculpture or tiki, give us a call.  We've got a guy for that!

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