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There is much dis-information out there concerning the proper measurement of palm trees.  Golden Gate Palms abides by the Nursery Standard Measurement of Palms system developed by The American Nursery and Landscape Association and detailed in section 1.4 of its publication "American Standard for Nursery Stock" (ANSI Z60.1-2004) updated May 12th of 2004.  (See actual ANSI specifcations at the bottom of this page)






Diagram showing how palm specimens are measured

Please refer to the Golden Gate Palms detail at right for the appropriate sizing of Specimen Palms. This detail depicts the very popular Canary Palm (Phoenix canariensis) but can be used for all palm species for the purpose of measuring although the actual measurement of each item will vary depending upon species.  


  1. Bare Trunk Height (BTH) - Nursery Standard Measurement (from grade to the base of the newest emerging spear) 

  2. Overall Height (usually about 10' above BTH for Canary Palms) 

  3. Rootball Diameter (usually about 5'-8' for Canary Palms

  4. Rootball Depth (usually 3' to 8' for Canary Palms

  5. Trunk Caliper at 5' (usually 2' to 3' for Canary Palms

  6. Canopy Diameter (usually 22' to 26' for Canary Palms)

Golden Gate Palms prides itself on being the ultimate green business.  Besides providing oxygen-producing, carbon-sequestering, habitat-providing, beautiful plants to the local landscape, we save countless trees from destruction.  Many of our large trees are salvaged from the landscape and given new homes.  We have saved thousands of trees and other plants from destruction since starting our business in 1985.  Here are two example trees to be removed and relocated after growing too large for their location:


Before Trimming





















After Trimming











Canary Palm after trimming
Canary palm before trimming




American Standard for Nursery Stock (ANSI Z60.1-2004)


1.4 Palms

In size grading palm trees, height shall take precedence. Either of two heights may be specified: overall height or trunk height.

Overall height is the perpendicular height from the ground, which should be at or near the top of the root zone, to the top of the arc made by the uppermost arching frond with the tree standing in natural position.

Trunk height is measured from the ground line, which should be at or near the top of the root zone, to the base of the heart leaf.


FIGURE 6 – Palms 




Diagram showing palm tree measurement standards

Available Canary Palms

We have a select collection of Canary Palms.  Please call to inquire.

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