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WARNING:  It has been found that the plant material sold at Golden Gate Palms and Exotics Nursery is highly addictive in nature.  Enter this facility and purchase plants at your own risk. Many individuals have fallen victim to becoming overly obsessed and inexorably intrigued by exotic plants after just a single visit.  If you must still buy a plant from this nursery after reading this warning label, to avoid a potential exotic plant addiction and a ceaseless botanical obsession, stay off internet palm and exotic plant websites, avoid looking directly at exotic plants while both stateside and especially while on vacation in the tropics, stay at least 1000' away from ALL botanical gardens, and especially avoid additional trips to Golden Gate Palms Nursery where the temptation to add just one more cool plant to your garden is most often overwhelming.  If another visit to Golden Gate Palms to buy a specific plant is absolutely necessary, wear special "blinder" glasses to limit your peripheral vision which will help you focus on the intended plant purchase and avoid being tempted by the myriad of gorgeous plants you are sure to encounter on your way through the nursery to the intended plant.  Godspeed!

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