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OK, let's be real, I have gathered up the coolest collection of palms and outdoor hardy subtropical exotic plants that has ever been assembled in one place within the the San Francsico Bay Area.  I'm not lying or bragging, just stating fact.  If I had run across a nursery like mine back in the eighties when I was a teen nursery hopping around in the Bay Area hunting exotic plants, I would have just felt like I died and went to heaven.  Nothing remotely like this existed back then.  We have a few copy cats around, but no one comes close to our selection, knowledge base, design aesthetic and installation expertise when considering this type of plant material.  You just gotta come down and check it out- if for nothing else, just to take a stroll in some serious paradise.  Happy plant hunting!

a path into a tropical plant nursery, Golden Gate Palms
Gary Gragg, founder, amidst some palms
Gary Gragg, holding three smooth, black avocados by their stems
Agave attenuata Kara's Stripes, a yellow and green agave
Gary Gragg, standing between three plants
Gary Gragg, standing amidst three different palm species
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