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Order a Fruit Box or Send as a Gift
Gary grows a plethora of exotic fruit ranging from avocados to citrus to white sapote to mangoes, passionfruit and more.  On any day of the year, a box of exotic fruit can be ordered and sent to you as your own personal treat, or as a surprise gift to a cherished friend or family member.  This can especially brighten the day of someone in a cold climate during winter.  We will send a mixed box of fruit using every possible hole to maximize the volume of the box.  USPS allows us to ship a box with 20 to 25 pounds of fruit to anywhere in the country for a reasonable fee.  Therefore we can offer to you sending a box of this luscious fruit for a net cost to you of $100 including shipping and packing.  The fruit is organically grown with no pesticide use whatsoever.  Although we can ship fruit any time of year, the best time of all is from January 1 until March 31 during the navel orange season as our oranges are the best on earth.  We also have white sapote early in that season as well as winter Avocados throughout that time period.  We can also ship fruit during the rest of the year subject to availability.

Just send an email requesting a box and your address and any special notes to include to and we will send you an invoice you can pay from and once payment is received we will send the box of fruit out within 2 weeks.  Shipping times average 2-5 days not including holidays or weekends.  We have excellent luck with shipping quality with this method.

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