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See what it's like to be a lonely coconut floating hundreds and even thousands of miles through the seas to find a new home and make it your own.  Little Coconut Island is a wonderful children's book written by Raea Gragg, daughter of Gary Gragg (As you can see, the coconut does not fall far from the tree).  Little Coconut Island tells the incredible story of the real life drama coconuts since time immemorial around the world have faced in their odyssey of becoming one of the most widely dispersed trees on Earth.  It also showcases the intriguing and complex process of island biologic colonization, pioneering and succession in a simplistic way that a preschooler could comprehend.  Finally, Little Coconut Island is founded on the themes of family love, letting go, perseverance, bravery and hope.  Click here to purchase a copy on Amazon.

Little Coconut Island Book by Raea Gragg showing a lone, sprouting coconut palm
Author Raea Gragg

Raea Gragg is an accomplished artist, animator, author and illustrator with 5 books under her belt including Little Coconut Island.  Her other titles available on Amazon are her fantastical teenage drama debut story The Foxtrot, followed by a Sci Fi thriller Escaping Elsewhere, and two children's books of Purrnoodle Loses his Capoodle, and Four PawsComing soon will be her middle grade graphic novel MupCheck out Raea's website at WWW.RAEAGRAGG.COM showcasing her literary works as well as her various media art work.

Raea Gragg's Purrnoodle Loses his Capoodle was chosen amongst many other submitted stories at Loyola Marymount University's Film Studies Department, in which Raea is majoring, to become an animated short film which Raea was put in charge of directing.  Watch Purrnoodle losing his Capoodle before your very eyes below which is a true story based upon the real life experiences of family cats Wiglet and Puffelump, and Raea's first born older brother Jared who stole Wiglet's prominence in the family upon his birth.

Author Raea Gragg 

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