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Palms are the aesthetic cornerstone of the subtropical garden. Whether the theme is lush, xeric, or Mediterranean, palms evoke a sense of abundance and warmth. And unlike messy deciduous trees, palms are clean.  Material is held within the tree until you choose the time to trim it off thus leaving the garden below neat and tidy, all year long.  Palm roots are generally non invasive and non damaging to hardscape unlike their woody counterparts. Palms are gorgeous when lit at night, are pleasantly hypnotic with their movement and rustling in the slightest breeze, and provide artistic shadows on the ground as well as romantic silhouettes against the sky.


Golden Gate Palms features the largest collection of palms in the Bay Area, with over 100 different species ranging from cute little starter sizes to mature specimens and everything in between.  We have a palm that will fit any niche within the landscape: large shade producers, framing and screening elements, potted specimens, focal pieces, and dramatic accents.  Palms comprise a wide range of dramatic coloration which can be well-utilized in design, from dark green to lime green, brilliant silver to ice blue.  


Arranged alphabetically by species; click on the photos below for enlarged imagery of each species and descriptions for such.  


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