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In the Spring of 2006, Gary was asked to create an exhibit for the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.


His exhibit, “Livin’ Cheap in Baja”  won the prestigious “Best in Show” award and caught the eye of HGTV producers and HGTV's Superscapes was born.  


Superscapes features Gary as host, designer, and builder with side-kick Sarah Hayward in tow. Two seasons were shot with a total of 26 episodes and still air in random countries and on HGTV's website.

Throughout the filming of the show, Gary was asked to "tone down" his craziness. Today, he is enjoying the "unleashed" creative freedom of Youtube!  Look how much fun you can have when you are writer, director, cameraman, sound technician, talent, craft services AND most importantly, EDITOR!  None of Gary's stupid jokes gets cut anymore.  Check out Gary's TRUE PLANT STORIES on Youtube by clicking here.



Watch HGTV's Superscapes and see Gary with makeup! 

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